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I can't say enough about Kenn Backhaus's course. I learned to see like an artist and not like a camera. Kenn was so helpful, positive and honest with his feedback that I now see a huge improvement in my paintings. The personal video feedbacks that I can keep forever were such a huge added bonus to the whole course. They will be my "go to" inspiration and resource when I stir off track. Thank you TAAO for making these online courses. They are limitless, just like you say! 

The class I took with Gabor Svagrik was the best class I've ever taken. The one on one critiques of each sketch and painting was invaluable. His mastery color and value was a great help in my learning. The course really helped me to progress with my painting. I would highly recommend this course if you're struggling with your painting, as I was, or just need some fine tuning, this course is for you.

"My thoughts on your online painting class. I’m an old guy. I have no experience with computers other than turning them on, check my mail, and some news links. I am not an early adapter. When I heard about your class I thought there was no way I could work my way through the technical elements of this on-line class. After encouragement from you and a promise you would help my work my way through the class I signed up. I am so happy I did. As far a working my way through the class it was a piece of cake. A message to you was answered immediately giving me a tip on how to get me unstuck. Before the first week was over I became an old hand in working around the course. This class was so fantastic!!! Each week I watched the demo painted by the instructor, Phil Starke, and then he gave us an assignment to be completed that week and sent in to him for his critique, his marking up my painting, and comments on my work, and then we got a new assignment for the next week. One really great thing was that he sent up a selection of pictures (4-5) that we could choose from for each weeks assignments. This whole experience was better than going to a workshop, no money for travel, no money for lodging, and the best part was I still have the whole thing on a video tape, his demo painting, my painting, his comments and corrections, It was so easy!!! During the week when I would get stuck I would replay his teaching demo to help me with my work. I think this is the wave of the future!!“

The Tucson Online Academy has given me the rare opportunity to receive detailed, specific critiques of my work by world class artists. There are so many times when I have struggled to learn how to improve my painting. The online critiques have provided answers to that problem. By receiving several critiques over a four week period , I was able to build on what I had learned and focus on individual areas where improvement was most needed. It was a wonderful opportunity to learn from and interact with artists whose work I greatly admire.

Thanks again for your efforts in developing a wonderful academy.  I have finished my class with Laura and have learned a lot.  Her style is deceptively easy to incorporate into an already established way of painting and her concepts are adaptable.  She is a wonderful instructor and an asset to have on your staff.  Please keep up this wonderful way of learning online. I shall return.

I felt I had reached a plateau in my own work and just didn't have the knowledge I needed to see what I should do to "take it up a notch".  The Tucson Art Academy Online was the perfect solution for me.  I was reticent to sign up for the course because I didn't know of anyone that had taken an online workshop like this but I decided to take a chance on it, and I am so glad I did!  What a great experience!  Working with Laura Robb in a personal one-on-one situation was a real treat!  Her tutorials and demonstrations were so informative...but what I really loved, were the critiques! Seeing my own painting being adjusted and demonstrated on was a visual lesson unlike anything I've ever experienced.  It's great to have an experienced artist tell you ways to help improve your work but it is a whole other level to have them actual "show" you on your own painting.  Because the changes are all done digitally Laura could click back and forth between the before and after and you could really see the results!  I was so impressed with the time Laura obviously devoted to her lessons and the critiques!  For me Laura's guidance has brought more depth and volume to my work....I am excited to put it to work for me!
I just completed the 4 week online course with Phil Starke. I have to say that it not only met any expectations that I had, it went way beyond them! I was really amazed at how much I was able to learn from this. This new way of learning has so many advantages, from saved expenses to flexible scheduling, not to mention getting to watch the lessons as much as I needed during the course! The personal critique videos at the end of every week were probably the most unique and special part, because it gave me uninterrupted attention by the instructor to revue my work and go over my strengths and weaknesses. The course was super easy to navigate, even if you aren't familiar with computers. I loved it, and highly recommend it!

I've learned a lot from this online course. In the four videos, the painting fundamentals, from making thumbnail sketches to color mixing to the complete painting, are explained. The critiques of my assignments help, too, to see where I went wrong that Phil Starke had been patient in explaining techniques and answering my queries.

What's not to love? Top notch instructors, personal critiques, great tech support, comfort of your own studio,no travel expenses and BETTER paintings, all in one affordable package!  If you're serious about improving your art. Don't miss out on Tucson Art Academy Online instruction.

I was in Gabor Svagrik's class. Take Tucson Art Academy's on-line courses. They are invaluable, convenient, fun, and you do it in the comfort of your home, saving time and travel money!!!!! I did it and will do it again and again.   


Although I have participated in Laura Robb's workshops a number of times, this online course has been instrumental in helping me get past a plateau in my painting skills.  The opportunity to receive instruction in my own studio has been a big advantage in resolving lighting issues and the weekly discipline has helped me to establish better working habits.  Best of all, the undivided attention I receive during the feedback has resulted in major improvements in my work. And I love it that these critiques are mine to review as much as I like.  Thank you so much!

Thank you Ken Auster and Tucson Art Academy for such a great course! The "one on one" critiques by Ken of each assignment and his highly informative lectures that can be played again and again by the student far exceed any traditional workshop that I have taken in the past. Ken's use of technology to illustrate his own digital brush strokes over the images of my downloaded paintings, gave the Passion Sandwich true visual tangible meaning on my own work which expedited the learning experience tremendously.

Saghi - South Island, New Zealand
I found Laura's course to be very refreshing with her own unique sense of logic and many years of experience. Laura took us on a journey of painting very simple shapes and developed it into more complex set ups and Chroma. Her use of Transparent and Opaque paint was very useful to me. Also the combination of palette knife and brush application gave my painting a more translucent and more interesting look. Because we did not learn formula's but principles, I feel I am armed with a great deal of knowledge to apply in the coming years to any subject matter. A very important feature of the course was to be critiqued by Laura every week. I felt I learned from being critiqued as much as I did from following the course material. She corrected the points I had not understood, and sent me down the correct path for the next painting. It was absolutely crucial for my learning. I sincerely thank Gabor & Laura who considered bringing us on a Magical Journey into the wonderful world of Art and Way Of Seeing Online. My absolute pleasure and good fortune to have discovered this course.                        

Ken Auster blows my mind with his unusual methods and skillful mastery at painting. in fact i want to do it over- i may have gotten the gist of his teaching but a second chance at the assignments may be a worthwhile investment for me to help bring my own cityscape paintings to the next level and be able to take in anything that may have gone over my head. Yes indeed, i want to re-register as a repeat student of Ken's.