Intellect & Passion • The Passion Sandwich Defined

Since Ken's passing in 2016, his self-study course has been coveted by many painters who admired his work and thought of him as a mentor. His words of wisdom and thoughtfulness for sharing his knowledge will last forever in these videos.

Ken designed his course to help you develop the necessary skills to produce better paintings and work more effectively at the easel.

We thoroughly know you will enjoy learning from a brilliant peer, and artist!

Work at your own pace and on your own schedule.


The entire course will be available to you for 365 days. You can start putting brush to canvas as soon as you sign up. 

There are 6 hours of high definition course instructional videos with suggested assignments to enjoy! This course has been designed for artists at every level and in every medium.

Self-Study allows you to work at your own pace and on your time schedule. You can watch, stop and rewind the course instructional videos and assignments as many times as you want for a one full year!

The course is available whenever & wherever you are as long as you have high-speed Internet connection. Playable on a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

What’s Included in this Course:

module 1 | INTELLECT

Intellect is finding something to paint. It's all about focal point and design, and what is it that you are really seeing. Remember you can see everything in the picture plane all at once so there has to be a hook that caught your eye and all roads in your painting lead you there. I will be demonstrating how to find that hook on any photograph and show you how to create the roadmap for a successful design.

module 2 | PASSION

Creating the sweet spot on the painting, line and shape. Identifying the masses of shapes with big brushstrokes, a lot of paint, and no detail. Learn to not be held hostage to what you see. I will show you the ability to create spontaneously a design that welcomes the viewer to enter your painting and travel to the focal point.


Putting in the values and the volume is a way to create depth and atmosphere in the painting to create the three-dimensional world on the two dimensional surface. I will use light source, form, and color to show you how to paint what you know using what you see as reference.  This will allow you to be passionate and loose.

module 4 | THE FINISH

Back to intellect completing the passion sandwich. Design and balance, tweaking the painting and being free to change things to improve the composition and light factor. I will guide you to the finish while showing you how to make the focal point pop and the viewer's eye go exactly where you want them to go. 

Also included is a photo package of Ken's own hand-selected images for you to use and practice with anytime.

Ken’s Suggested Supplies