I was in Gabor Svagrik's class. Take Tucson Art Academy's on-line courses. They are invaluable, convenient, fun, and you do it in the comfort of your home, saving time and travel money!!!!! I did it and will do it again and again.    

The class I took with Gabor Svagrik was the best class I've ever taken. The one on one critiques of each sketch and painting was invaluable. His mastery color and value was a great help in my learning. The course really helped me to progress with my painting. I would highly recommend this course if you're struggling with your painting, as I was, or just need some fine tuning, this course is for you.

I’ve been a perennial painting student for years.  I’ve concentrated on learning how to paint, concentrating on picking up the brush and painting what I waslooking atOnce I felt confident in the draftsmanship,   I realized I needed more skill in the overall painting.   Color, composition, value, had been secondary for so Ilong, I wasn’t getting the kind of finished painting I wanted.  That’s when I first noticed Gabor’s online class.  I work full time so this seemed like a good way to learn, compatible with my schedule.  I was hesitant to trust this new type of class but ultimately decided to try it.  I’m glad I did.

Gabor started me at the very beginning, with an emphasis on the first sketch, he walked me through the same process he uses for his own artwork.  The importance of value was repeated weekly, and the video lessons talked about light, color, and the relationship between the big components of my painting.  Simplifying was something I knew I needed and he showed me how.  After submitting my homework assignments, he’d send me a video critique, not just telling me, but also showing me what I needed to work on.  

I know the techniques and tips Gabor shared with me, will be incorporated into my paintings and I’m glad I used this opportunity to learn from him.

For the past few years my paintings seemed to be stagnant. I just was not improving at all.I was frustrated because I just could not put my finger on what it was. I had taken workshops in the past, by very good artists. But my work did not seem to improve by all that much. Time went on, and I found a blog by Gabor Svagrik. I started following him and watching all the videos he was posting. Then found out about the workshop online. I took it and in the first week he had diagnosed some of my problems.

We went into design, value, color and light. He in great detail went over each and every sketch, study and painting that was turned in. Showing  better designs, weakness in value and how to correct it. My painting improved immediately. I am now able to use the tools I learned in the course to grow as an artist and reach the next level in my art journey. I would recommend this course to anyone who feels that they have just come to a standstill in their painting and need that push to get them out of the rut. 
Thank you Gabor!