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July 25th @ 8PM Pacific /11PM Eastern

We look forward to you joining us inside!

Course Description


When starting a painting, the placement of our major and minor shapes is of paramount importance. What a great place to begin, right at the foundations of a painting. Many artists get overwhelmed by the complexity of a particular subject, I will show you the importance of starting with the biggest shapes and finishing with small. We will also be delving into focal points, balancing your composition, lead in lines, editing our original scene and many other powerful ideas and concepts that will enhance your work. I find that when I start a painting, if I have planned well, I’m going to finish with a painting that I'm happy with. Instead of stressing and fighting with unknown forces.


My work is known for my use of light, I would like to share with you my secrets to achieving a powerful light effect in your paintings. After Design, Tonal Values are my next priority when painting, not to be mistaken for use of color. The search for subtle and accurate Tonal Values is an exciting and rewarding exercise. We will be looking into the importance of expanding our tonal range from light to dark and from cool to warm. I have extra content to show you visually how to achieve strong and precise Tonal Values.


The most fearful aspects to painting structural scenes is perspective and proportions. I will start with the large skeleton shapes of our composition and then we will put some muscle onto those bones. We will be breaking down a complex scene into paintable steps. I will delve into brushwork and edges so our structural shapes begin to take on the form we are aiming to portray. Controlling the visual information is very important, this demonstration will explore ways to keep control of our scene and maximizing our focal points.


I’ve always felt that a painting will be enhanced if we can inject an example of life or a sense that someone lives there. There are so many scenes that grab our attention, but we quickly think. Oh, it’s missing something, if only it had that something extra to hold our focus. This demonstration will show you how easy it is to take an interesting scene and turn it into an attention seeker.

On top of the 4 core modules with 15 hours of instructional videos, Colley adds additional monthly video content throughout the 365 days — it’s an ever-growing library of tutorials to provide you with fresh material for added inspiration and motivation. 

Whether you paint still lifes, landscapes, figures, or portraits … whether you use oils, acrylics, pastels, or watercolors, Colley’s course will teach you techniques and skills EVERY artist needs.

Suggested Supplies


Colley’s teaching style is like no other.  Maybe it’s his charming Aussie nature, but he helped me to become more aware of the language of brushwork. I now try to work on creating simple, big shapes, and value patterns which are clearly the springboard for creating expressive paintings that have more control of light and form. Thank you TAAO so much for bring Colley to us Online.
— Lucinda

Study and Mentoring Description

We are excited to have Colley Whisson join us Online. He is an exceptional painter and teacher and now we have the opportunity to bring his knowledge to your studio all the way from Australia.

Physical workshops are great, but they end way too fast.

Wouldn’t it be great to have ongoing access to a renowned artist and his instruction to help you get the results you deserve? This type of attention and expertise is what advances your work forward.

We know it can be so frustrating and disheartening to work hard at perfecting your art to only be hit with more stumbling blocks. This zaps our confidence and makes us wonder if we really know what we’re doing… 

 …well, this is why we created our “365 Day Access with Mentoring”, Online courses - all with you in mind.

What to Expect

  1. You will have access to Colley's knowledge for a FULL YEAR. This is not a class or a workshop; it’s 365 days of study and mentoring with Colley Whisson.

  2. There’s over 15 hours of stunning High Definition, over-the-shoulder pre-recorded video oil demonstrations to watch with suggested assignments to put what you learn into practice once you enroll. You can watch, paint and rewind as often as you wish for deeper learning. And we’re betting each time you watch, you’ll get another ‘aha’!

  3. This Online course is designed to fit around your schedule. There’s plenty of time to slow down and have fun with the process. There's no falling behind and no set times to be at your computer. You can learn from your studio or from across the world because it's always open waiting for you to login. You’ll have access for one full year on desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. All you need is an internet connection.

  4. Colley holds group sessions with feedback & critiques every other month throughout the year. You not only hear but see him digitally color correct students submissions right before your eyes. Everyone benefits from each other this way. Plus you’ll have instant access to all of Colley’s previous critiques of student work since the course first opened. There’s many eye-opening tips you can use in your work right away.

  5. Every month NEW video lessons are added - these keep the course growing throughout the year! Each lesson addresses a topic with tips & techniques that you can try in your paintings. Students mention all the time how much they enjoy these. They keep you inspired to try new things! And ... you’ll also gain instant access to ALL Colley’s previous lessons added since the course first opened.

  6. And—most importantly—you can join Colley’s "private" Facebook community. Get feedback and critiques from Colley so you can see what a renowned artist does to bring your painting to a more sophisticated, refined work of art. Colley gives YOU full support all-year-long. Plus see what other students are posting, so you can learn from their journeys as well! It’s an amazing community to be part of throughout the year.

    *Note~ Your participation in the private FB group is not mandatory, but we sure hope you’ll take advantage of this valuable resource.

  7. And, the best thing about this course: it’s knowledge that keeps on working and working, whether you’re just starting out or a well-established artist. Colley's Online course works for EVERYbody who puts in the effort.

$695 USD

Summer Enrollment Closes 
July 25th @ 8PM Pacific /11PM Eastern

We look forward to you joining us inside!